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Red Tuxedo Tri-Tip

Serves 4 to 6

Cook Time 75 to 90 minutes

PREP TIME: 60 to 75 minutes


Season steak 60 to 75 minutes before you begin cooking. Measure out one tablespoon of rub per pound of tri-tip.


Sprinkle the top half with the rub and let it sit for fifteen minutes. This allows the salt to draw out some of the moisture to help the rub stick when you flip it.


Now flip the steak and season the other half. Allow it to sit on the counter for an hour to come to room temperature.


Set up your grill, oven or smoker to indirect heat at 250ºF. Cook the steak until it reaches 122º internal (this can be anywhere from 30-75 minutes depending on the grill and size of the steak).


Remove it and let it rest on a rack while you set the grill to medium-high direct heat (you can do this in a cast iron pan on your stove as well).


Once the grill is hot, place the meat onto the grill and sear each side for 1-2 minutes. The final internal temp should be 128ºF-130ºF resulting in a perfect medium-rare steak.


Allow it to rest for 20-30 minutes, slice thinly against the grain, drizzle with EVOO and enjoy. Looking for some extra heat? Dust the steak with more Red Tuxedo after slicing.